Let's be honest here,

Moving abroad may be the beginning of an incredible journey.

But as time goes we realize that the path to our dreams

is littered with challenges, some big some small.

I get you, I've been there and I'm not done yet.

So shall we face them together instead of on our own?

- Abigail Wall -

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I promise it won’t be boring

Moving to France


I moved from Canada to France with my family as a young kid. My childhood was spent speaking Franglish at home and spreading peanut butter on baguette.

You could say that was my 1st experience as an expat.

Moving from France


When I turned 19 I longed for my own adventure and went to Holland to work as an “au pair” (in other words a nanny) for a French family.

My first words in Dutch were probably "I'm lost, where's the nearest bike lane?"

Studying as an expat


After 8 months, I decided to stay and do my Bachelor in Landscaping in a school where most students didn’t speak a word of English.

After the first year, everyone knew about the crazy foreigner who thought she could write her thesis in Dutch and actually graduate.

Working as an expat


After 3 years of ups and downs in college, I found an internship then a job as a Park and Project manager in Rotterdam.

By then, I had almost got used to people asking about my origins or speaking to me in Turkish just because I had dark hair and a tanned skin (I used to work in their neighborhood).

Expat life in Brazil


At 25, I moved to Brazil where I stayed for a year and a half teaching foreign languages online.

This was probably the most difficult expat experience for me as an ocean and a different time zone separated me from family and friends and I had to miss Christmas for the 1st time.

Travelling as an expat


Finally, here I am, slowly making my way through Europe while creating this online guide on living in France and learning French the fearless way.

And if you’re starting to feel a little envious, then you don’t realise how much I miss sleeping in the same bed for more than a month!

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