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Here's my list of the top 6 resources I can recommend to an expat living in France.

Most of them were created by expats just like you !

working visas in france

​Working visas

Wise advice from an expat

La Vie en C-Rose is a personal blog hosted by expat CatherineRose who shares her experiences as an English teacher in Paris and Lyon through guides.

expat directory for france

​Expat directory

Every service you'll need

Angloinfo has a great directory if you're looking for English-speaking services in any big French city such as a doctor, a hairdresser or even an architect.

english newspaper for expats living in france

​The Local news

English news for expats

The Local was made for expats who live in France but want a newspaper written in English. Lots of light articles with tips for newbie expats!

expat stories in paris

​Expats in Paris

Expats share their story

Our Paris Stories is a new project started by 3 expats wanting to collect and share the exciting stories of other foreigners who moved to Paris. Share yours as well !

language exchange french meetup

​Franglish time

Fun language meetups

Franglish is a really easy way to speak with native French people, even if you're shy. Available in some big cities of France, twice a week for the price of a drink.

expat facebook group for france

​Expat FB group

Ask all of your questions

The American Expats in Paris group is helpful if you have questions about visas or housing, even if you're not American or live in Paris the group is very active.


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