Are you looking for ways to improve your French?

Working in France

One of the ways I can help is by tutoring you online once or twice a week for 30 minutes up to 1 hour.

Have a look below at what and how you can learn with me.

Why my students are happy with me

Trevor and I started working together almost a year ago.

He's a teacher living in Canada who wanted to learn French for his career.

I'm terribly proud of the progress he's made in the last 9 months. We see each other once a week.

He always uses our time together to ask questions and practice what he learned on his own at home.

Here's the review he wrote after our 1st class :

"My lesson with Abigail was great. Given that I had almost never practiced spoken French and had only been learning for about a month I was a bit nervous going into my lesson.

She was very professional and patient which immediately put me at ease. I felt comfortable speaking the French I knew and learned a lot.

We discussed my current level of knowledge, goals and subject areas to be incorporated in future lessons. It was a great first lesson and I look forward to more."

Written on August 26th of 2016

The review he left a month ago after 25 lessons :

Another great lesson with Abigail! Our lessons have proven instrumental in my studies and I am pleasantly surprised at how far I have come with spoken French since I started studying not long ago.

I attribute much of my success to our lessons. Abigail always goes above and beyond providing great structure and catering each lesson to what I may be studying based on topic/need.

Her lessons are fun, interactive and she always provides new and useful resources that have proven useful. As always, I look forward to more lessons!"

Written on March 9th of 2017

How I can help you improve in French

french writing resources


I'm an expert at preparing for language exams such as the DELF and TCF. I’ll show you how to integrate learning French into your buzzing life in a way that won’t feel like an extra chore.


I’ll give you cues on how to notice the unspoken rules you should follow as a guest during dinner, how to survive a ride on the metro in Paris and how to deal with an impatient waiter or mailman.

language exchange french meetup


I’ll give you a fresh look at the French language, including the difference between spoken & written French and how to learn the slang that people actually use.


I’ll help you find out why you still haven’t mastered the art of French conversation and what you need to change in your learning routine to speak fluidly and understand more easily with the right resources.

My simple pricing

Are you looking for real conversation practice?

What you need is to practice your speaking and listening skills frequently during shorter sessions so you don't get tired.

I propose doing 2 classes per week for 30 minutes each time.

Get 8 x 30-min classes for :

13€ /class

Are you looking to improve your overall French level?

What you need is a review of more advanced grammar and/or vocabulary followed by a time of practice where you get feedback.

I propose doing 1 session of an hour every week with homework.

Get 4 x 60-min classes for :

20€ /class

Book a trial French class today with my easy scheduler!

I offer trial classes for the small price of 7 euros so we can first meet at a reasonable price.

The class lasts 30 minutes so we get just enough time to see if we get along and discuss your level, goals and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the classes be given?

Do you teach all ages, levels and types of French?

What typically happens during the class?


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